This is the header value that is retrieved from request.META to record the ip address of the the respondent.


Defaults to False

Setting this to True will enable produce urls with https instead of http.


Defaults to "pinax.referrals.utils.generate_code"

Externalizes the logic that generates the referral code. pinax-referrals ships with a default that will generate a random 40-character alpha-numeric string that can also be used as a reference implementation. The callable defined by the fully qualified path is passed a single parameter that is the class of the referral model, or Referral, this is done as a pure convenience so as to alleviate the need for you to have to import it should you need it (and you most likely will if you want to be certain of uniqueness).


Defaults to {"RESPONDED": "Clicked on referral link"}

Defines a dictionary mapping action codes for responses to user-friendly display text. Used by the action_display template filter.


Defaults to redirect_to

Defines the URL attribute to retrieve dynamic referral redirection URLs from.