Change Log


  • Renamed from anafero to pinax-referrals
  • Brought up to date with latest Pinax app standards


  • Fix deprecation warning in urls


  • ENHANCEMENT: made GFK fields on Referral blankable


  • ENHANCEMENT: added a signal to provide notifications of when a referred user authenticates


  • BUG: Fix issue where target response is None


  • FEATURE: added ability to record a specific object in reference to each response

Migration from 0.8.1

ALTER TABLE "anafero_referralresponse"
 ADD COLUMN "target_content_type_id" integer REFERENCES "django_content_type" ("id") DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED,
 ADD COLUMN "target_object_id" integer;


  • ENHANCEMENT: switched over to use instead of


  • FEATURE: added ability to override filtering of responses


  • ENHANCEMENT: Made admin a bit more usable


  • ENHANCEMENT: Rewrote referral_responses to run on Django 1.3


  • ENHANCEMENT: send full context to the create_referral template tag


  • BUG: Fixed a stupid mistake


  • BUG: fixed an issue with sessions in Django 1.4


  • FEATURE: added ability to label referrals
  • ENHANCEMENT: added support for bootstrap-ajax.js
  • FEATURE: added a referral_responses assignment template tag
  • FEATURE: added an activity_display template filter
  • ENHANCEMENT: added a new classmethod on Referral for getting a referral object for a given request object.

Migration from 0.4

ALTER TABLE "anafero_referral" ADD COLUMN "label" varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';


  • FEATURE: Add ability to define code generators external to anafero
  • ENHANCEMENT: Add ability to pass in a user to referral.respond in cases when request.user isn't set yet (e.g. during signup)
  • FEATURE: Add ability to get a referral object from a request


  • FEATURE: changed user on Referral to be nullable, thus enabling anonymous or site administered referral codes


  • BUG: fixed target not being set in the create_referral ajax view


  • DOC: fixed a typo in the docs
  • ENHANCEMENT: added a response count property
  • ENHANCEMENT: added the return of the referral code along with the URL in the ajax reponse of create_referral
  • BUG: added the return of the proper mimetype in the create_referral ajax view
  • ENHANCEMENT: moved the building of the URL for the referral code to a property on the Referral model
  • FEATURE: added the ability to control referral code generation properties via settings at the site level
  • BUG: fixed the url generation to include https if the site is configured to run SSL
  • BUG: only delete cookies if user is present
  • BUG: make sure to set a session value to prevent session key from changing with each request


  • initial release